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Silly Rabbit

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Silly Rabbit
5/2/2 (Rye)

"Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!".. My Ass they are.. dude , i just gave a bowl of Trix to my dog, she loves em.. Why can't the poor bastard of a rabbit have a box? I mean, come on you little snots, he's the reason your on tv.. He promotes the cereal! ..doesn't he get some money out of that? I guess not.. I mean, the least the lil kids could do, would be to give the starving bunny a snack, but no.. no they horde it for themselves.. Selfish Punks! If i was that rabbit.. if i was him, i'd kick their lil asses.. 'Horde My Trix Will You!?' *sigh* I feel so bad for him.. Ya know, Ryan (Con..) said that a good bunch of years ago they had some 'game' where they put a lil card in the cereal to see what the kids thought.. 'Should the rabbit get some Trix' ..Ryan sent in that card and they sent him back one saying.. 'oh..dont worry, he will' ..those bastards probally have the bunny locked in some cage as they use shock torture on it and test it for drug medications.. Ya know, i bet there gonna come out with another 'game' where they show the bunny all tied up and starven, as he cries 'feed me' .. "Send $25 to the adress below and You can help save the bunny!!" 'mommy mommmmmy.. please i gotta help the bunnnnnnny!!' ..that poor bunny.. I'll get ya some Trix fella.. you'll see, one day..