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Life as a Slurpie

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Life as a Slurpie
5/7/2 (Concord)

As the Slurpie cup fills up, an unmistakable feeling comes over you.  There is a cross road at this time, to put on the cap and fill that up, or to jus leave with what you have, almost half empty!  Is the extra effort too much for you to gain twelve more ounces of pure joy?  This decision is the basis for the whole Slurpie experience.  If you leave half empty, the experience will be over much sooner than expected.

          Now that the Slurpie is purchased and on its way to a new adventure, the trials and tribulations begin.  The Slurpie has a great effect on people.  Will it be shared, or kept to its owner?  Being shared means that the cool summer drink will be finished off sooner, but if shared with the right people, the experience can be enhanced dramatically. 

          Time has pasted, and a forth of the Slurpie is gone.  Melting starts to set in as the heat finally warms the ice.  Every other sip becomes extremely liquidly, and almost unpleasant, almost.  You finally become fed up with this watery sipping and you mix the ice and liquid back together, creating an almost good as new Slurpie.  The enjoyment level from this icy delight rises significantly.

          Half is gone now.  The separation of liquid and ice is irresolvable, but it does not matter much anymore.  It was a slow process in which you would just slurp up the excess fluid and leave the ice for another delicious sip.  You are now aware of the inevitable emptiness of the beautiful, clear Slurpie cup, but you continue to sip and slurp.

          The dreaded thought of throwing away this cup is creeping in to your head.  The ice is now becoming clear, and obtaining a good, worthwhile sip from the Slurpie is rare.  Clumps of frozen water build up and you try to chop them up to turn it in to slush, with little results.  Scooping out the icy clumps becomes the only other method of tasting Slurpie, next to sipping up the remaining water and flavoring.  The cups becomes empty, and your once pure bliss, has become nothing more that mere drops of watered down flavoring clinging to the cup.

          And as you toss your cup into the garbage can, just remember, someone, somewhere is taking a shiny, new cup out of its dispenser and filling up their large Slurpie container with the flavor of his or her choice, and having their own Slurpie adventure.