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Spidermans a Whore

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Spidermans a Whore
5/9/2 (Rye)

Why is everyone trying to get me to see this movie!?  From the first day I saw that godforsaken preview, I despised the film..  I unno..  maybe it has to do with the fact that I never liked him as a child.  Superman was cool, so was Batman.. but 'Spiderman'?.. Come On, thats trying way to hard.
"Oh the movie is Soooooo Great"  ..yeah, great like death.. hey, after the film, why don't you just slit my throat and throw me off a bridge..  And speaking of bad movie concepts..  "Scorpion King".. what the fuck is that?  I used to like 'the Mummy'.. but they gave a fictional character from that film their own movie!?  ..Why don't they take an antagonist of another film and just sign him his own movie..  Yeah, we'll sign up one of those Zombie dogs from 'Resident Evil' their own movie, "The Zombie Dog King"  .. *sigh*
Oh.. OH!  ..and I heard they are making a Scooby Doo movie!.. Scooby Fucking Doo!!!!  Nobody likes scooby doo..
Dear gawd.. what has happened to the movie industry..