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Why I hate Super Metroid

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Why i hate Super Metroid
3/10/2 (Rye)

Never in the history of my existance have I ever hurt more than watching Ryan (Concord) play 'Super Metroid'.  I actually felt my eyes bleed.  His lack of skill and interest in such acts has left me weak.  I sat for 25 minutes watching some guy hop on a wall, a fucking wall!..  Is this entertainment?  When was the last time you said, "Hey friend, lets go hop on a wall cause my life has no meaning"..?  And its not only that, he wouldn't be merciful enough to have it end there.. No, Dear Gawd No!  The trials this 'Metroid' character goes through are things that just dont make sense.  It goes around looking for things to make it suck.  It improves its inability to provide me with pleasure.  Never have I cried so much during a video game.  I wish I was dead.