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Death is Funny

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Death is Funny
3/13/2 (Concord)

*Ponder*  Hehe.. Death is funny!  Well at least to me.  And recently its been more humorous when its my death I think about!  Well not just any kind of death, like being choked by some madman wouldn't be funny, or stabbed, again by some madman, also would not be funny.   However if I were trampled to death, by, lets say, a  herd of Llamas, I don't believe anyone could keep a straight face.  "Hey, did ya hear Ryan died??" "Really? what happened?" "Aw man.. he got trampled by a herd of wild Llamas.." *insert uncontrollable laughter here*  Ya see?? thats comedy! ALSO! it wouldn't be very amusing if someone broke into my house at night, and woke me up jus to kill me.. Infact, that would be rather cruel.. BUT if the man who broke in were a clown! not jus dressed up, but infact a clown by profession, that would be hilarious!!
Imagine it.  A man with red pointed hair, with full clown makeup on. Dressed in a oversized red and white poka-dotted over-alls with a stripped blue undershirt.  He sneaks in wearing his huge, red, novalty, Squeeking shoes.  He comes down the hallway, opens my door, and climbs ontop of me.  He gentally wakes me up, and looks right into my eyes and screams 'HEEYUK! I'M A CLOWN!'  and then 1) starts stabbing me wildly until my insides are pouring out like cream, or 2) shoots me in the face with his flower pistol attached to his shirt.. I spent many minutes laughing hysterically about that image..  And now I finish..