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Resident Evil is like Real Life

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Resident Evil is like Real Life
3/26/2 (Rye)

Perhaps video games are alot like Real Life.. me and concord rented 'Resident Evil' a weekend ago and 'Resident Evil: Code Veronica X' last weekend.. we got halfway through both before they were due back to that hellish rental store.. we realized alot while playing those games.. it first came to my observation that they are unbeatable.. well, maybe not 'UNbeatable'.. but it takes a hell of alot of time and patience to sit there in your dark bedroom (windows boarded up to reduce glare) playing for hours on end, facing wave after wave of unstoppable pain to finally come to an ending to it all.. Thats really the only reason anyone continues to play it.. to make it end.. Now about my comparison.. you see, in Resident Evil.. anytime something good happens, something terrible happens in return.. for every trial overcome, there are now 5 more to deal with.. kill a zombie, you've got a zombie hound to worry about.. kill that, you got some half frog, half pain-in-the-ass to worry about.. oh, and im not even gonna go on about what happens when you kill them.. and when you find the crucial ingredient needed to open that door.. you know whats behind that door.. Pain.. yes my friends, nothing good happens in that game without much pain.. pain and death.. In real life, how does it work.. everytime something looks good.. someone steps in my way.. a zombie for example.. or that good will happen, then something bad Always occurs.. see.. RE is alot like RL.. and speaking of zombies.. people are alot like zombies.. mindless assholes just implemented in the world to try and get in your way.. *tear* ..i hate this game.. bleeding