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The Jolly Fat Man

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The Jolly Fat Man
4/15/2 (Rye)

I was driving home in a rather glum state, when i came upon a jolly fat person riding a bike.  He was a large fella, twice the size of a small horse.  His massive belly, as santa's you would imagine, must have made it hard to petal his tiny bike.  The glasses pressed firmly to his round face.  Such a fat man surely gets ridiculed, especially riding the bike as he was.. yet, the man was jolly, quite jolly.  He smiled with a surreal wonder.  Most bypassers would laugh and mock him.  But i sat in my car inspired by this jolly man.  This large person was my role-model.  He has overcome all boundaries, defied the normal and conquered.  His girth and good spirit remain in my heart.  I.. I wish I was a jolly fat man..