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4/22/2 (Concord)

Recently I saw a production of the 'hit' musical Oklahoma.. And I must say that people in this state of Oklahoma are mighty FUCKED UP.  To start with, Curly, the 'hero' (or bastard) steps into Judd's home (piece-oh-shit shack) and calmly tries to implant the idea of suicide into Judd's twisted little mind.  Sure he's the antagonist, but still, telling someone that the only way good things will be said about that person is if that person would dead is so cruel! And then giving explicit details on how he should go about killing himself is just wrong.  The poor bastard is a poor little farmer who just wants some sexin', and here comes Curly, the good looking, has everything, spoiled little punk, trying to get this half-way decent man to kill himself.  Jesus Christ.
  AND THEN! Thenn.. oh and then... This play has scarred me from ever venturing to Oklahoma, in fear that when I arrive, people will be singing, dancing, laughing, dancing, singing, having dreams being played in full view of everyone else, AND DANCEING, ITS INSANE!!  How did this mid-western State become so loony?!  Hey everybody, I just bought a cow, lets sing and dance about it!  OR Hey Judd! You should kill yourself, it'll be better.. LETS SING TEEHEE.. AND IF ONE GUY TRIED TO GIVE ME AN 'OKLAHOMA HELLO' I WOULD DESTROY THE WHOLE FUCKED UP STATE!!!!        Jesus Christ, if there is a god, how the hell did he let Oklahoma go straight to hell in such a god-awful (no pun intended) way?!  If it were up to me, and it should be, we should build a 20 foot stone wall topped with razor wire and automatic weaponry around Oklahoma to keep every inbred, singing, dancing, fruity, cowman and farmer from ever stepping foot out of their Musically Inclined wasteland they call home....